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Celeb Baby News Round-Up: Kristen Bell, Beverley Mitchell, Gisele & Snooki

It’s a big day in Mommywood! Two actresses announced that they’re expecting, Gisele shows off her baby bump and Snooki shares a cute mother/son picture…. where she’s totally make-up free! Read on for the latest scoop in celebrity baby news: Kristen and Dax are Expecting Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are expecting their first child in late spring, a rep confirmed.

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Good News: Men Are Hard-Wired To Be Involved Parents!

Its always refreshing when the latest parenthood headlines focus on fathers instead of mothers. Last week, the front page of the New York Times read: Fatherhood Cuts Testosterone, Study Finds, for Good of the Family. Regardless of exactly why the New York Times editors consider this front page news, or exactly what the data shows, its inspirational that expensive research resources, and newspaper ink, recognize how critical dads are to raising kids. Unlike so many sensationalist headlines stirring moms guilt and our hormones, this headline suggests fairly that good parenting is not all about us moms.

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Popular Baby Names for Girls

Expectant parents may want the latest news on baby-naming trends to ensure their little girl fits right in with popular culture of the day. On the other hand, parents looking for an unusual name may want to look at popularity statistics for exactly the opposite reason: They want to avoid having their little girl walk into kindergarten to find herself among six other Isabellas, for example — the most poplar name for baby girls in 2009.