3 mins read

Modern Wives, Retro Problems

We moms have recently had a darn good run as far as scintillating, empowering, enraging mommy commentary in the media goes, even without the Sheryl Sandberg explosion. Take this blog you are reading right now, which is going to review an article about a magazine – all about the frustrations of modern day motherhood! Extra bonus: thousands of comments from real live moms that accompany each article, blog and sidebar.

2 mins read

Water Balloon Games for Kids

From launchers to hose adapters, the tools that exist to upgrade the water balloon experience are endless. Still, even with just a bag of balloons and a hose, nothing says “hot summer afternoon warfare” like a water balloon. Whether you are hosting a Memorial Day picnic, a summer birthday party or a Labor Day extravaganza, put together some water balloon games for splashing time. To Pop or Not to Pop