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Tips to Help Hair Grow Fast

Like many women, you may enjoy changing your hairstyle. Some style changes, such as going from brown hair to blond locks or curly strands to straight tresses, require very little time. Switching to a shorter hairstyle may mean waiting a few days for your stylist to fit you in for an appointment. However, if you want to grow your hair, it may seem to take forever to achieve your new style. Although your genes may have a lot to do with your rate of hair growth, proper diet and styling techniques can promote healthy growth and help you to reach your desired length.

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The Link Between Endometriosis And Infertility

My need for support and companionship during my struggle with infertility and endometriosis led me to join the online patient community and through my involvement in this community, I have met the strongest, most inspiring women.Some of them have since become my closest friends and confidants. A good many of them started struggling with infertility in their 20s. Years passed as they tried many treatments and suffered miscarriages. Some of them did receive …