1 min read

Summertime Make-up Tips and Tricks

Summertime is sweaty and sticky, which can wreak havoc on the makeup that took you 45 minutes to apply “just so” before you left the house. Makeup is important in the summer, not just to even things out, but to keep your face protected from harmful UVA rays. This summer, pack a light makeup bag for summer time fun.

2 mins read

How to Apply Bare Mineral Make-Up Concealer

Every woman has a blemish or under-eye circle that they want to hide. While we wish they would just go away, making them disappear with the magic of mineral make-up is the next best thing. Mineral make-up does not clog your pores. It gives you a natural, light finish that lets your skin breath. Here is how to use the make-up correctly to quickly and easily conceal those unwanted spots.