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Triglycerides in Diet Soda

Not only can being overweight lead to a multitude of health issues—some of which are fatal—like it or not, there is a social stigma attached to obesity, too. One painless way people try to keep their weight down is to switch from sugary sodas that are loaded with calories to diet sodas. If that is what you’ve been doing, it looks like you may want to have a plan B, because diet sodas have been linked to increased triglycerides, which, in turn, make you gain weight.

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List of Diet Pills

Diet pills have evolved far beyond the caffeine jolt they were once associated with. Today, these supplements are designed to target a person’s individual weight loss goals, whether it is blocking fat or carbs, adding exotic herbal supplements to your diet or increasing your metabolism. The key to diet pill success, however, is using them in moderation, along with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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Why do Men Cheat?

Men cheat because they need sex and a lot of it: this is the traditional view of the reason for adultery. However, the number of women who cheat is on the rise, causing people to rethink the causes of infidelity. The truth is, men cheat for a multitude of reasons, and sex often has little to do with it.