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Baby Pibu Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit

Founded by dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, Baby Pibu is devoted to making only the purest, gentlest skin-care products for your baby.Newborns and young children can suffer from allergic reactions to the dyes, fragrances and other ingredients in many skin-care products. And the last thing new parents need to deal with is a red, itchy rash on their darling little one.Baby Pibu makes everything from bath-time wash and hydrating ointment to sunscreen and …

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Prepare Your Dog for your Newborn’s Arrival

Bringing home your new baby introduces many changes to your household. If you’ll soon be bringing home your first child and you’re wondering how the dog will react, good. Now is the time to get your pup used to the idea that changes are brewing. Just like people, your dog has a routine, familiarity, and comfort level within your home. Helping to prepare your dog for the upcoming changes will facilitate a smooth transition. Here are some steps to get the pup ready for a new little brother or sister: Step 1

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How to Capture Beautiful Photos of Your Newborn

Anne Geddes set the stage for newborn photography with her awe-inspiring images, opening a window into an entirely new world of newborn photography. From there, photographers such as Baby As Art and Kelley Ryden/Tracy Raver have set the modern stage for this unique way of posing babies. Now, newborn photographers are doing everything they can to learn how to pose and capture these artistic images of sleeping babies.