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Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea? Don’t despair -- we’ve got you covered!  Since we know that shopping for him can sometimes be a challenge, and you never want to get stuck buying him a generic gift, we’ve hand-picked over 20 different gifts for every kind of dad and budget. MyPhoto GlassPad - Add…

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How to Treat a Toddler With a Fever

A fever in your toddler is a sign that he has an infection and that his body is trying to fight it. It’s normal and, in most cases, there is no cause for concern. You can treat the fever at home, but you should contact your doctor if the fever is high or if your child seems abnormally sick. The most important thing that you’ll need to treat your toddler’s fever is patience, as a sick child can require a great deal of your attention.

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At What Week of Pregnancy Can You Tell if it’s a Girl or Boy?

Many expectant parents are excited to find out whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl. While some enjoy the surprise of finding out their baby’s sex at birth, others are anxious to find out their baby’s gender as early as possible. There are many old wives’ tales that are quick to offer a prediction of your baby’s sex, but with today’s scientific advancements there are many accurate ways to determine your baby’s sex as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.