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Twins And Birthday Parties: Do You Have To Invite Both?

How do you handle twins and birthday parties? As a mother of two sets of twins, the daughter of twins, and the daughter-in-law of twins (crazy, huh?) Im tackling this issue with a lot of experience. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions: 1. If you invite a child to a birthday party, should you invite his or her twin as well, even if they are not in the same class?

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Vegetarian Recipe Swaps For Super Bowl Parties

I started this football season making veggie burgers for a tailgate party because I was going meatless for 30 days. I am still trying to not eat meat, so I thought I would stick with it for this Super Bowl Sunday.My friend Tiffany Russo (who also is a nutritionist who specializes in plant-based foods) helped me come up with some vegetarian and vegan recipes that still have the taste of traditional Super Bowl foods …

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Twitter Parties and Promotions

Looking to build social media buzz? Increase brand recognition? Drive traffic to products & promotions? Trend a specific hashtag? We can do all of this and more. ModernMom Twitter parties will boost your online presence while increasing connections with your audience. With average impressions ranging from 17-25 million impressions you can engage with targeted influencers. What we provide.…