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Children With Autism And Team Sports

My son is a member of a VIP swim team. The team is not restricted to children with autism only, nor is it restricted to only children. There are adults on the older team. One adult, for example, is blind.On my sons team, which is a team designed for less experienced swimmers, there are kids with Downs Syndrome and other afflictions. Some kids have to swim with an instructor, but others are fully …

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Are You a Nightmare Sports Parent?

What’s one thing most college athletes say they wished they could have told their parents? Chill out with the post-game critiques! It might seem obvious, but don’t lecture your children on their mistakes on the way home from a game. As Yahoo Sports’ Steve Henson wisely points out, . . . [T]he young athlete doesnt want to hear it immediately after the game.”

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Should We Push Children Into Sports?

Soccer moms sometimes get maligned for constantly shuffling their kids from one activity to the next, often buying fast food in between. If this goes on almost every afternoon and evening at your house, you’ll find some truth in the negative reactions you might get. Having a kid who participates in sports and activities is a good thing. If you overdo it, however, those positive aspects can backfire.