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The Importance of Family Dinners

This article is in partnership with Uncle Ben’s. Growing up we had dinner at 6:00pm every night. Mom cooked, and everyone ate what was on their plates. Fast forward a few decades and dinnertime has changed. Whether it’s because kids have more extracurricular activities, parents have competing work schedules, or easier access to take-out food…

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How to Discipline a Child Who Shows No Remorse

After snatching the last cookie out of her little sister’s hands, your 10-year-old daughter hit her sister when you asked her to return the cookie. Instead of apologizing when you asked her to, she threw the cookie to the ground and stormed out of the room. Such behavior can be frightening for you as a parent. You may think that you are raising a monster and feel unsure how to react to a child who misbehaves without remorse. After such an incident, take a few minutes to collect yourself and then speak to your child.

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How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect Growth?

Smoking will stunt your growth. It’s a warning that has passed from generations of parents to children. But does science support the claim? In fact, researchers have found that smoking can affect growth throughout a person’s life, sometimes in ways that may surprise you. But it should be no surprise that smoking poses the greatest threat to the development of children and unborn babies.