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Permanent Makeup Dangers

It may be tempting to get one or more items of permanent makeup, such as eyeliner or lip color. While permanent makeup can save you time and drama, the risks are similar to those of tattoos, according to the Food and Drug Administration and the Mayo Clinic. Before deciding to get that permanent eyeliner or blusher strokes, learn all you can about the potential drawbacks so you don’t one day regret your beauty decision.

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Tips on Hair Removal

Even though body hair is a natural thing, some women choose to remove some or all of it for cosmetic reasons. Common methods of removing facial, pubic or other body hair include waxing, shaving and tweezing, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some women opt to have laser hair removal procedures or use depilatory creams at home. Whether you choose to go to a salon for waxing or to shave at home, learning several tips can help you make the most of this beautification ritual and avoid potential drawbacks, such as painful ingrown hairs.

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How to Cope With Bipolar Children

Children who suffer from bipolar disorder suffer from fits of mania and depression, making it difficult for them to control their emotion-driven actions. Handling a child who suffers from bipolar disorder often also proves challenging to their parents, as these individuals must adapt to their child’s unique behavior patterns. If your child is a bipolar sufferer, you can take some actions to help make his bipolar disorder easier for you both to handle.

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How Do I Get My Baby to Go to Sleep Without the Pacifier?

Most babies are born with a strong desire to suck. In fact, some babies suck their thumbs or fingers while they are in the womb. In addition to sucking for nutritional purposes, sucking can have a soothing effect on babies. For this reason, many parents use a pacifier to help their baby to fall asleep. Fortunately, for parents who want to break the pacifier habit, there are other ways to help a baby go to sleep.