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10 Rules To Empower and Protect Young Children From Potential Abuse

Whos afraid of the big, bad wolf? How about the boogeyman? Okay, good — so weve got those two covered! But how about the ice cream man, or the next door neighbor, or the after-school sports coach? Now, before you get mad at me for picking on those three, let me just say I have nothing against any of these community members! In fact, my daughter and I buy Fudgsicles from our local ice cream man at the park all the time, and I have a very cool next door neighbor.

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How to Prevent Allergies in Babies

Food allergies seem like a common occurrence, but they actually only affect 6 percent of children in the United States, according to BabyCenter. Many times, your child has a food intolerance that she will grow out of that is not a full-blown food allergy. Still, it’s important to monitor your baby closely to look for the signs of food allergies. Delaying certain foods until your baby is a certain age may also help prevent allergies, both now and later in life.