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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a really special time. It’s the one day of the year where the focus falls to the mama and all of the family’s appreciation is expressed. Sure, it would be nice to hear how awesome she is on the reg, but don’t worry, moms are realists. If you’re looking into last-minute…

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Terms of Use

Introduction This Web Site is provided to you under these “Terms of Use” and any amendments or supplements to them that may be posted by Momenta, LLC (“Modern Mom”) from time to time (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). Your use of this Web Site shall be deemed to constitute your consent to be bound…

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Proud Mommy, Proud Kid

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback on my last blog. Sometimes we need little life reminders. I am always happy to share my light bulbs and, of course, my struggles. My 9-year-old blew me away on Saturday. She asked if she could make a lemonade stand in our neighborhood. I had to schlep my other 3 kids to b-day parties, dance class, etc, so I couldnt give her the time she was hoping for (what else is new?).