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How to Make My Home Green

A green home uses fewer resources and reduces greenhouse gases, while protecting the environment. Turning your home green not only benefits the environment through conservation and reduced pollution. Many eco-friendly changes also save money. You might have some hesitations or concerns about the cost and effort of making your home green. Fortunately, you can improve your homes eco-friendliness with little effort, time or money.

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Why Go Green With Mass Transit?

Going green is the new black — everyone’s doing it, and everyone has their favorite way of giving back to Mother Nature. Every little bit of energy savings adds up — or rather, subtracts from your carbon footprint, but few things you can do will have as great an effect on the environment as using mass transit systems on a regular basis.

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Reasons for Recycling Paper

Paper makes up many different products you use on a regular basis beyond a sheet of notebook paper. The daily newspaper, juice carton, paper towels and reference books are just a few of the paper products you might encounter each day. With such a large use of paper products, recycling becomes a significant action to keep paper products under control.

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Green Tips for the Home

Making your home eco-friendly is beneficial not only to the environment but also to you. Many green options will save you money and reduce pollution while conserving water and energy. Many of the things you can do to green your home take little time or effort. Just a few minutes a day and a few lifestyle changes make a difference.