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Dick’s Sporting Goods Recalls Fitness Resistance Tubes Due to Contusion and Laceration Hazards

Dick’s Sporting Goods is recalling about 229,000 Resistance Tubes and Resistance Tube Kits because the plastic clip that attaches the resistance tube to the handle can break during use causing the tubing, handle, or fragments of the plastic clip to strike the user. This poses a contusion and laceration hazard. Dick’s Sporting Goods has received four reports of contusions, abrasions and lacerations.

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Can I Build Muscle With a Resistance Band?

You can build strong, lean muscles with a resistance band–no gym membership necessary. Michael Sena, personal trainer and author of “Lean Mom, Fit Family,” says that this rubber tube is one of his favorite work out products. It provides variable resistance, says Sena, to provide a challenge to the muscles without creating strain. The resistance band is affordable, portable, and easy to use at home to develop strong muscles. Always start by stretching your whole body to warm up those muscles before you jump into the exercises described below.

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Resistance Band Exercises

Maybe you don’t like fighting for space with the sweaty guys using the free weights, or maybe barbells just aren’t your thing. Or maybe, like so many moms, you’re an on-the-go woman who has to pack exercise into a long list of other to-do items. You need a fast, flexible work-out routine, and the resistance band is just right. Take your time going through the motions, and work up to 20 reps for each exercise.