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Fall Pick-Me-Ups

Fall is on the horizon, kids are back in school, so it's the perfect time for some pick-me ups! We found a variety of products for everyone in the family that we just loved so thought we'd put them together and share... We love all of Hello Bello’s new products but we wanted to do a…

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Easy Ways to Get Protein and Nutrients as a Vegetarian—World Vegetarian Day

My twin daughters’ best friend came back from summer sleep away camp and was excited to tell me that she was a vegetarian. She knew I was a registered dietitian and she was proud of her efforts to avoid meat and wanted them to be acknowledged. Interestingly, after spending the night at our house, I…

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Nostalgic Amnesia: Are You a Victim?

There’s a real epidemic sweeping our country. It affects women exclusively of (or over) child-bearing age, and cuts across socio-economic lines and races. I’ve only experienced it in the United States, but my guess is that it’s really a worldwide problem. No need to check Snopes.com, this is a true issue, not an online hoax: nostalgic amnesia.

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How to Find the Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is imperative if you’re hoping to have beautiful looking skin underneath your makeup. Foundation helps your skin look flawless by covering up imperfections in your skin color, tone or texture. The right foundation should blend into your skin seamlessly, matching your skin tone and your skin type. With the right foundation, your skin will look natural and healthy and it will radiate with a subtle glow.

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How Do I Get Kids to Eat Vegetables and Fruits?

The likelihood of a dinnertime meltdown of confirmed vegaphobes increases proportionally to the number of green foods on his plate. Broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts are healthy foods that look attractive on the plate — and stay there. You need to use your culinary wiles to get your picky eaters to eat a healthy diet sometimes, but extra efforts pay off in their good health and your peace of mind.