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Back to School: How to Keep Your Child Safe

Summer is nearing its end, and we are getting our kids ready for back to school. So we asked our mom friends if they had any questions or concerns about their childrens safety. There were so many, but we picked a few of the top concerns to address in this blog.Back to school keeping your child safe..Q: My child will be walking to school this year. He is in 5th grade and I want to give him safety skills without scaring him. What should I tell him?

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Baby Einstein Toy Reviews

Baby Einstein has long been a leader in the world of educational baby toys. These toys are designed to help parents and babies discover the world together with interactive experiences for the family. Baby Einstein toys use music, art and real-life objects and experiences to encourage babies to explore the world around them. Here are a few favorites for your babys first year.

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Dating Advice for Women

The world of dating seems more complicated than ever. It is ironic that while the development of online communications has made the world smaller, communication has also become more complicated. For example, when asking someone out on a date, is it appropriate to text message or should one call? Should a woman refrain from giving out her instant messenger or yahoo messenger ID on the first date? What about these online dating services? Are they really all they are cracked up to be? Can you fall in love with someone on the Internet? Dating advice for women needs to come with a troubleshooting handbook to cover all the details that come with being in the 21st century.