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Avoid the April 15th Mad Dash With This Tax Prep Schedule

In eight short weeks, whether you like it or not, your tax return is due. Dont let it sneak up on you. Theres no reason tax time has to be a stressful flurry of last-minute preparations capped off with a sprint to the post office (or accountant). If you take a few little steps each week, youll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it all comes together on April 15th. But, unless youre a financial-type, you may not be sure how to break down such a daunting task. That is why weve put together this tax prep schedule. Although it may seem like a lot of steps, the average appointment on the following list should take you no more than sixty minutes to complete and many may take less than five. Stick to this schedule and youll be more likely to make it through this tax season gauntlet mistake-free and with sanity in tact.

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The Dark Side of Friendship

There are tall ships There are small ships But the best ships Are friendships… Unless of course, when the friend takes her life frustrations out on you, dumps her baggage all over you, and acts aggressively towards you. Yes, this Blog post is about the dark side of friendship. Reason being– you asked for it.

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How to Get Baby To Sleep on Back

Getting babies to sleep is a challenge that every mother faces. Some children are excellent sleepers and will rest for hours without a peep, while others are restless from birth and fight sleep with every ounce of energy they can muster. Pediatricians have recommended putting babies to sleep on their backs for decades to reduce sleep-related injuries and deaths, and getting your baby to be comfortable on her back can present quite a struggle. However, it is not an impossible task with a bit of persistence and dedication.

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Steps for Buying Stocks

Investing in the stock market is not something limited solely to the ultra rich. However, buying stock can be intimidating for novice investors. While there is no “get rich, quick” method to the stock market, with proper research and sound council, learning to invest in the stock market can be a sound part of your financial plan.