8 mins read

The Forgoing Facebook Experiment

Confession: I have 738 Facebook friends. In reality, I would only actually call up a handful of them to go to lunch with or to talk to while I’m making a long drive. I only talk to a couple dozen of them in person on a regular basis. And I sure as heck do not care that that one girl I met in college who friend requested me 5 minutes after we introduced ourselves is “going to work…then having a grilled chicken salad for lunch YUM! xoxo”. Maybe this seems rude, but I don’t expect them to care about what I’m doing every second of the day either!

6 mins read

A New Routine for Saving Time, Money and Sanity

How many hours a month do you spend doing mundane chores, like shopping for groceries? The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average married parent spends somewhere between an hour and three hours each week shopping for groceries. While there were no published numbers for single folks, chances are they spend at least an hour a week doing the same. Sixty to one hundred and eighty minutes a week adds up. If you were able to cut the time you spent grocery shopping by even a third, youd enjoy twenty minutes to an hour of extra (free!) time each week. Add that up over an entire year, and youve got yourself a free day or two. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, online grocery shopping is finally coming into its own. By simply purchasing non-perishables online, rather than in stores, you will not only minimize the time you spend, but you will most likely save money at the same time. Whats not to like about that?

12 mins read

Missing: It Is Our Dilemma

                            If we all continue to turn the other cheek and presume it’s not our problem, the epidemic of missing children and adults, might someday be a problem that lies collectively in your own backyard. You would want the world to care and search for your missing loved one.  So why aren’t you doing the…