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Free After-School Programs

After-school programs can be an important part of your child’s development. For children who are too young to be home alone, after-school programs are a necessity if you don’t have a babysitter or a nanny. For children who are older, the right after-school program is typically better than the latchkey alternative, which could jeopardize your child’s safety.

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Bullies Don’t Take Summers Off

You’d think that once school ended, kids would get a break from bullying. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Bullies don’t take the summer off. In fact, many things that are hallmarks of summer are what can set up kids for being bullied which can take things from bad, to worse. Many places that kids hang…

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Feeding Hungry Kids – One Bagel At A Time

Mother’s Day having just passed, it got me pondering the beloved topic of…yes, Moms. There are straight and gay moms, liberal and conservative moms, free spirited and helicopter moms, yoga and mindful moms.  There are the iconic Jewish and Italian moms, stay at home and working moms. Boho and Yuppie Moms, Dance and Trans Moms.…