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Unique Products To Make Valentine’s Day Special

BlissLights can provide an unforgettable ambiance for your Valentine's Day dinner. The red lights will twinkle around you as you enjoy a romantic dinner. InstaShiatsu Plus is a massager that acts like your own personal masseuse. You experience a spa-like massage with custom heat settings, adjustable pressure and circular shiatsu-style massagers.  The cordless device with an internally…

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A New Dad: Mother’s Day Has Taken On New Meaning

My mother died sixteen years ago this week, and in one regard – and in only one regard – I consider myself fortunate in the timing: The anniversary of her death and Mothers Day arrive the same time every year, the two days book-ending one miserable week of feeling underwater and angry and frustrated, a week steeped in loss. When the whole world is making brunch reservations and ordering flower baskets and picking out just the right card, I turn into a petulant boy. Every year

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1920’s Baby Names

The 1920s was a time of prohibition, short-skirt wearing flappers, industrial revolution and the birth of new babies. Parents who added progeny to the U.S. during this period most commonly selected names that were steeped in tradition. Many of the names that were most popular in this decade have held places on the most popular baby names lists for centuries and, in some cases, continue to fill these lists today.

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Arabic Names for Baby Girls

When seeking a name for your daughter, you may want to consider something a bit less common. By picking an Arabic name, you can give your child a name that is steeped in historical significance. You can select from an array of Arabic names when picking the perfect moniker for your little princess. Before settling on your name, explore and consider these classic Arabic options.