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Keeping Our Schools Safe

As we mark the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, it’s a critical time to examine how schools have evolved in implementing security upgrades. Parents often wonder if their school is doing everything it can to keep their children safe. The school office can often feel like Grand Central Station at times, with a revolving door…

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January Astrology

Welcome to 2013, which adds up to a six year, the card of the Lovers, in the Tarot. Aside from the romantic connotation here, the lovers represents duality, and a kind of yin yang twinship. Six years are mostly concerned with the art and craft of relating, take this where you will, whether it be diplomacy in world affairs or interactions at a deeply personal level. I regret to say that I am a little …

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Open Records Adoption

An open records adoption provides a legal avenue for an adult, who was adopted as a child, to review all records pertaining to his adoption. Typically, the right is granted through a court order. Once the order is given, the adopted person has access to all records pertaining to his adoption to do with as he wishes. Open records adoptions have caused many debates surrounding the rights of the adopted child compared to the rights to privacy by the birth family.

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3 Ways to be Closer to Your Kids

Technology has without a doubt changed the world around us. While some of us may have grown up acquainted with such things, we now live in a world in which the Internet and media have virtually transformed the experience of growing up and being a kid. Perhaps your parents discussed how different your upbringing was from theirs with the various technologies at your fingertips, but now we can all agree the experience children currently have is a far cry from any previous years. It seems more and more difficult to protect children from growing up too fast and nearly impossible to prevent them from being exposed to sex, drugs, and alcohol even when they simply overhear the evening news. While many parenting gurus and conservative cultures suggest pulling the reins and covering your childrens eyes and ears, the most beneficial reaction may to be to refrain from sheltering. Instead, attempt these helpful tips in order to not only raise your children properly, but also maintain a strong relationship with them along the way.