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Becoming Stronger Through Divorce

The effects of divorce are profound. Not unlike death or a life threatening illness, divorce pushes the boundaries of what most people think they can tolerate in terms of emotional struggle. While life greatest challenges seem unbearable when they are happening, research shows that there may be benefits to building your adversity muscles.

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How Can I Make My Nails Stronger?

Strong nails do more than make your hands look pretty. The condition of your nails gives you a clue about your overall health and nutrition. If your diet is short on nutrients, the result could be weakened nails. Taking care of the root cause of weakened nails and maintaining your nails on a regular basis builds them up. A nail care routine helps you avoid brittle nails that break or split regularly.

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Dorm Room Must-Haves

It's hard to believe that your baby is heading to college, but it's happening. Here is a round-up of some must-haves for their dorm room. The dorm beds are certainly not the most comfy so your son or daughter will truly appreciate a mattress topper. We love this memory foam topper for a Twin XL mattress or…