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Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum

During these cold winter months, it is easy to start missing those sunny days of summer! While you are cooped up in your home away from the cold, make sure to treat your skin to some summer love. Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum is exactly what your skin needs for a quick, summer fix. This amazing serum provides your skin with active vitamin D that we usually get from the sun’s UV rays.

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Best Products for Wrinkles

Do you look older than you feel? Have crow’s feet got you down? Most people associate wrinkles with aging. Even though most people get wrinkles as they age, wrinkles are not caused by the aging process—they’re a product of sun damage. Wrinkles happen when the sun’s UV rays penetrate the skin and damage the skin’s elastic-like fibers. This causes skin to stretch and never return to its original taut state. There is a slew of anti-aging products on the market that claim to fight wrinkles, but only a few actually work.

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Teenage Makeup Styles

Teenagers are at a crossroads. They may start to mimic celebrities that may be older than they are, but they do so by remaining true to themselves. Experimenting on different types of styles will allow them to develop their own sense of style that they can build upon as they grow older. This holds true when it comes to makeup. Teenagers should learn the right way of applying makeup, a way that will suit their age and personality.

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Easy Skin Care for Women

A report from market research company Packaged Facts estimated that the skin-care industry would be worth $7.2 billion annually by 2010. If you were to listen to all the ads trying to sell “essential” skin products to women, from “gentle” face washes to anti-aging super-serums, you could spend your entire day doing nothing but taking care of your skin. Skin care really doesn’t have to be that complicated.