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Eco and Health Friendly Meal Options

Going and soon to be gone are the days of brown and plastic bags that we have used to pack our kids lunches in. Fantastic eco friendly companies with innovative fashionable products are now hitting the market for us eco friendly parents! Some American schools are now enforcing or highly suggesting that lunches be packed in eco friendly containers. I think it is a great idea and a great direction that eventually most schools will follow.Check out these Eco Friendly Lunch Buckets

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What to Do with Your Halloween Pumpkin After the the Holidays

Halloween is a googly fun time for ghouls, goblins, and, of course, bright orange pumpkins! With costumes and candy coming to a close, you might be wondering what to do with your once-spooky jack-o'-lanterns now that the Halloween celebrations are over. Fear not! We're here for you as we explore super fun, creative, and sustainable…

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Four Ways To Promote A Happier and Healthier Life

What do huge organizations like Google, FedEx, Harvard University and the American Army have in common? They have all acknowledged the benefits of promoting happiness in their institutions and use Positive Psychology (the study of wellbeing) techniques to bring out the best in their communities. Advocates of this relatively new science explain that all of…

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Deadly Food Allergies: From A Teen Who Has Them

This article was written by a 14 year old girl dealing with life threating food allergies. Hey Hun, my Mom tells my Dad, Lets stop at the market for groceries, perhaps we can we go to Whole Foods for dinner? Were getting groceries, so it might be easier to eat there. And, we want to celebrate! Great idea! he says.Crap. I thought to myself.And why not celebrate? We had just come …