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The Benefits of Risk

I have a trampoline. Several kids bounce on it at once. And a treehouse. Both present my kids with what I call “calculated risk”–I know that there is a chance that they could get hurt, yet I let them play anyway. We go hiking and climb the big rocks. We pull over to the side of the road to pick raspberries.

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Are School IQ Tests Accurate?

Throughout the years, your child’s school will likely administer an intelligence quotient, or IQ, test. In theory, this will tell you whether your child has a chance at getting into an Ivy League school, but the reality is a lot more complex. Intelligence isn’t something that can always be measured by a test.

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How to Prevent Your Kid from Getting Lost

Every 40 seconds someones child is reported missing, totaling over 800,000 missing children in the U.S. each year. Whether you are in a crowded mall, amusement park or even your own yard, turning around and not seeing your child induces instant panic. There are steps parents can take to help shorten the time it takes to locate their child should he or she ever go missing, ways to educate children on how to stay safe and now even technology that can help you locate a missing child in a matter of moments.

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Child Anxiety & Fears

A certain amount of child anxiety and fear is normal, even helpful. Anxiety about strangers or a fear of fire can help small children stay out of harm’s way. When anxieties and fears persist to a point that interferes with a child’s daily life, this can be problematic. An anxiety about strangers that persists can lead to social isolation when a child gets older. Your job as a parent is to help your child move beyond his anxieties and fears.