4 mins read

Understanding Men in Love

Understanding men is a challenge in and of itself, even though they claim we’re the complicated ones. A man in love is an even more complex being; so complex, in fact, that sometimes he may act like a woman. All those strange things he does make sense, somehow, if we can step back and look at him not as a man, primarily, but as a human in love, subject to emotion, passion, self-doubt, ecstasy and sappy poetry.

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Understanding the “Energy” Between Parent and Child

When I was training for my Ph.D. in psychology, I was taught the importance of being able to quantify or count what I observe. Now, thirty years later, I am going to step outside of that model and advise that one of the most important things to be aware of from the moment your children are born until you scoot them out the door, is the type of energy that goes back and forth between you and your kids — something we cant see or measure, but we all know it’s there. Understanding it can make you a better parent.

2 mins read

Understanding Child Psychology

Like adults, children can suffer from emotional disorders. A specific branch of mental health, child psychology focuses on certain problems and disorders common in children and teens. Child psychology can help smooth out difficult transitions in a child’s life as well as provide assistance for families dealing with behavioral problems.