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My OMG Moment With Kristin Chenoweth At The Rio 2 World Premiere

I wouldn’t say I get starstruck easily or that I spend an inordinate amount of time glued to the latest Hollywood gossip but there are a handful of celebrities I really admire and respect – maybe because I love their work, or I’ve been impressed by an interview or because they just seem like genuinely nice people.Thanks to my job, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the people on …

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Fun Ideas for Family Game Night

This week, instead of just watching TV or mindlessly browsing on your laptop, why not try something new that the whole family can do together? Board games are great way to get everyone involved. Even moody teenagers will eventually have a good time once they get into the game! In my family, we used to have poker nights and gamble vast quantities of pennies. The winner would walk away with pride and about $5. But if gambling isn’t in the cards for your family, here are a few super-fun games to try out:

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Games for Family Game Night

In this fast-paced world, time for family togetherness is often hard to come by. Juggling your kiddos’ hobbies and activities and your own work schedules can make it feel as if there is just no time left to do anything together. Combat the busyness and make time by planning a regular family game night. Game nights help coax your family to the dinner table and entice them to put their busy lives on pause and join together in a competitive bonding activity.

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Birthday Party Games for Teens

Your teenager may tell you that he is too old for birthday games, but if you pick the right one, your teen might change his tune. In fact, most teenagers love any type of game that involves competing against their peers, and if the game has an element of strategy or skill. Keep it cool by limiting the amount of parental supervision needed and providing a few outstanding prizes, and your teen is sure to have a great time playing games at his birthday party.