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101 Ways to Make a Difficult Divorce Easier on Your Children

The following is a list of things you can do to make your children’s lives easier after a divorce. Read these tips as reminders of what you and your co-parent should be doing to ease the stress of divorce on your children. Remember that the reason why you should do these things is that if you don’t your children will join the ranks of those who become emotionally hurt by the process of divorce.

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Permission to Parent

We are in a new developmental phase – age 6. The power struggle my daughter and I have had since day one has escalated and I feel like I am losing most of the battles these days. Being a highly energetic, curious and exuberant child she is on the go from the moment she wakes up at 6am to the moment she closes her eyes at 8:30 (and lately 9:30) at night. Plus she …

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5 Things Parents of Preemies and Micro-Preemies Should Know

My daughter, who will be four years old this July, was a micro-preemie, which means she weighed less than 1.4 lbs when she was born.When we were dumped into this journey of raising a preemie – and I say dumped because you usually have no time to prepare – we quickly realized how important it was to be familiar with hospital/NICU lingo. For the first day or two, until we started to understand the …