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What’s “Appropriate” When it Comes to Children With Autism?

“Appropriate.”This is a big word in the autism community. We learned about this word years ago. We also learned why it is considered an important word. One big reason why the word “appropriate” is so important to us is that it is often applied during conversations with regional centers (in the state of California) and especially during IEPs.Therefore, I’d like to stress the importance of this word, “appropriate.” Why is it so important?

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Why “We Time” is Important and SO Worth It

It’s 7am. Time to get up, make coffee, and drive the kids to school. Into the office by 8:30am and work work work–as much as you can get done before you have to pick up the kids again! Quick, get them a snack, then continue the taxi service…soccer practice for Shane at 3pm and piano lessons for Becca at 3:30. Both kids are back home by 5pm and it’s time to get them started on their homework. Dinner is halfway done by 6pm and Daddy walks in the door fifteen minutes later. Cook it, plate it, serve it, and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner is a success.

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Because I’m Worth It…

By Guest Blogger Erika Rath 300 pounds! 300 pounds! I looked at the scale and couldnt believe the number staring back at me. How had this happened? How had I let myself go? I was in my early twenties, miserable, and weighing in at an unthinkable 300 pounds.