The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway
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The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

We partnered with Artisan Books to support their new cookbook, THE HAVEN’S KITCHEN COOKING SCHOOL by Alison Cayne. This is a must-own, must-read book full of useful information for anyone who is learning to cook or wants to hone their skills. This book is written in a super easy to understand voice with directions that even a novice cook can follow. The best part is that each key lesson is taught through a collection of recipes so you get real hands on learning which truly helps you master the skills! These fundamental building blocks for cooking are:

  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Frying (I admit it, I was afraid)
  • How to Pick & Cut Herbs (The tricks really work!)
  • How to Make Stock (Didn’t try this yet, but now I know how!)
  • How to Stock Your Refrigerator & Pantry (Super useful)
  • How to Boil Eggs (You’d be surprised!)
  • How to Make an Omelet (Who knew I was doing it wrong?)
  • How to Make Dressing (The carrot-ginger dressing is unbelievable)
  • How to Filet a Cooked Fish (Didn’t try this but good info)
  • How to Roast Garlic (Delicious)
  • How to Make & Store Sauces (Useful info)
  • How to Assemble a Galette (I know, right?)
  • Knife Cuts: Slice, Dice, Julienne, Oblique, Brunoise, Chiffonade, Supreme (I had no idea there were so many)
  • How to Cook Vegetables: Blanche, Braise, Sautée, Roast & Grill (YES, my favorite!)
  • How to Cook Proteins: Poach, Roast, Steam, Broil, & Stew (So many options!)

I’ve never taken a cooking class, but reading this book really makes you feel like you are there, in one of the classes at the cooking school in New York City. Did I mention there are 100 delicious recipes? YUM.

We want you to learn the fundamentals of cooking (and have some money to buy the ingredients) so we are giving away:

One (1) winner receives:

  • The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School (deliciously educational!)
  • plus a $100 Visa gift card to stock the kitchen with the essentials!

Giveaway open to US addresses only.
Prizing and samples provided by Artisan Books.

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