How to Take the Weight OFF, When the Pressure is ON
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How to Take the Weight OFF, When the Pressure is ON

When you are a busy Mom and the pressure is on, it helps to have steps you can rely on to start losing weight quickly. It all starts with mindset no matter what you decide to do to stop your weight gain. By getting in the right frame of mind, and with a few simple changes, you can get your life, your food and your weight manageable again.

For those of you reading this…it can stop NOW. We all have a limit where we know we are done! Once you decide you are done, you’re ready to go to the next step and figure out what works best for you. Once you decide on your personal health commitments you disrupt your old mindset and start fresh. For me, for my health, my hormones, my weight, my mood, my food preference…it’s Keto all the way. What is it for you? Is it resistance training, yoga, keto, or paleo or something else that will light your fire?

Make your commitment now that will affirm your decision to lose weight.

Steps to Lose Weight Quickly
Once you’ve made a commitment to yourself and your mindset is solid, take a look at these simple tips you can implement immediately to get the scale moving in the right direction.
1) Remove artificial sweeteners and sugar:  Remove aspartame, maltodextrin, dextrose or sucralose.  These are common in low-carb or diet foods.  They react in our body the same as sugar and contribute to our weight gain. Start using sweeteners that don’t raise your glycemic index such as monk fruit, stevia and erythritol.
2) Read Labels: Start reading all your labels to look for hidden sugars and carb count.
3) Focus on your diet first: When it comes to dropping pounds, what you put in your body is more important than how you move it. If you haven’t been exercising, make it secondary to your diet.  If you have been exercising continue with your normal routine. It can be overwhelming to make too many changes at once.
4)Cut your carbs: Cutting carbs is the fastest way to stop weight gain in its tracks. There is nothing comparable to cutting carbs back immediately. I recommend shooting for 30-50 grams the first week and then cut it back in increments of 10 every week until you get to 20.  You will lose the puffiness, weight will drop, and you’ll feel better quickly.
5)Stop the mindless eating: I challenge you to identify your mindless and stress eating that is contributing to your weight gain. Here are a few common ones for busy Moms– eating while on the phone, snacking (grazing) all day long, eating in the car or on the go.
Make eating an event. Plan your meals, and indulge yourself, and make it a sit-down affair that you look forward to.
6)Have patience with yourself: Your long-term goal is to make a permanent lifestyle change as well as lose the excess fat. We didn’t get where we are overnight, and it takes time to make changes. Enjoy the process (both the setbacks and the successes) and celebrate every step in the direction of your commitment.
7)Track your foods: When you track your foods, you will gain a lot of insight into what you are putting into your body every day.  It’s a strategy that’s been proven to significantly help with weight loss and make you accountable.
8)Weigh yourself every day:  When you weigh yourself every day it’s another great tool for accountability and keeping yourself motivated long-term.

Ready to get started?
Start now while you are motivated to take the steps that will help you succeed and find an accountability partner to support you.  Just keep going one step at a time and it will get easier every day as your commitment increases.

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