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Kids Gym Entrepreneur Launches Special Needs Resource Network

Guest blogger Dina Kimmel…

Kids Gym Entrepreneur Launches Special Needs Resource Network

Dina Kimmel, the CEO and Founder of We Rock the Spectrum an international franchise with over 65 sensory gyms, announces the launch of Rocking the Spectrum, a special needs resource network for everyone.

The site features a library of inspirational and educational videos in its “Warrior Network,” ranging from topics like “Snacking on the Spectrum” which reviews how different foods affect behavior to “What is an IEP?” for those just beginning their journey with a special needs child to her signature “Motivational Minutes with Mama D,” a 60 second rundown meant to inspire users and provide daily affirmation.

“I wanted to create an educational destination that I wish I had when I started my journey as an autism mom,” says Kimmel, “a big focus of ours is helping people learn ‘How to Take Care of You,’ which often gets overlooked. Warrior parents and advocates are so determined to help their children, they get lost. We want Rocking the Spectrum to be a place where you can learn when to consider a Developmental Pediatrician as well as be reminded that it’s okay to take some time for yourself and get a massage.”

The “Warrior Network” hosts a private forum for users to connect and share stories, ideas, and positivity. Dina hosts a live weekly Q&A in the private group. Additionally, the site provides a portal to video coaching from Mrs. Kimmel and other professionals. Users can book one-on-one sessions directly from the site.

Rocking the Spectrum plans to expand considerably within the year.

“We will be launching online courses, webinars, and even in-person events throughout 2018,” Kimmel exudes, “whatever creative outlets we can find to help people educationally and emotionally on this journey, we are determined to provide. If you need one-to-one coaching, we got you covered. If you need to learn the ins and outs of ‘Autism Land,’ we got you covered. If you need feel the warmth and generosity of others that are fighting a similar battle, we got you covered. We are here for YOU.”

Free memberships are available for those looking for newsletters, blog posts, and limited videos. Premium Membership to the “Warrior Network” is just $9.99/month and includes the full video library, access to the private group, and weekly Q&As hosted by Dina.