Tomorrowland Delivers Thrills, Adventure and Hope
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Tomorrowland Delivers Thrills, Adventure and Hope

What happens when you combine George Clooney, Brad Bird and Walt Disney Studios? You get a visually extraordinary movie that peaks your imagination.

Tomorrowland is a science-fiction adventure that follows a smart and optimistic dreamer, Casey, (played by Britt Robertson) who is transported into a futuristic incredible world where the impossible is possible. George Clooney plays Frank Walker, a jaded former inventor who knows the history of Tomorrowland that she so urgently wants to discover.

This is a thrilling adventure film that also attempts to beg the question of what we want our future to look like. Positive thinking and optimism save the day – and we love Casey as the smart and capable female lead and role model.

This is a film that the whole family will love and will make you look at Tomorrowland in Disneyland in a bit different light.

Definitely a must-see – coming May 22, 2015 and rated PG.

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