5 Tips for Looking Your Best After Airplane Travel
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5 Tips for Looking Your Best After Airplane Travel

Since many of us will be flying this holiday season, we’ve enlisted the help of Travelocity Senior Editor,  Courtney Scott to share her advice for feeling super fresh while flying.

Travel is supposed to be glamorous, right?  Well, I can’t think of anything less glamorous than the feeling you have after eight hours on a plane.  Stiff neck, swollen feet, dehydrated, sleep-deprived.  Yuck.  Try these five tips on your next flight and I guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling fresher than ever.

Chug Water Before You Head to the Airport:  To prep your body for hours in the air, I recommend downing at least 20 ounces of water before you even get to the airport.  Then, once you pass security, purchase another large bottle of water for the flight.  Those tiny cups passed out by the flight attendants are not going to keep you properly hydrated.

Use a Night Cream:  For long flights I like to apply my night cream on my face rather than my daily moisturizer.  It’s thicker and can stand up to the dry air.  Apply it once before you board the plane and then re-apply during the flight if needed.

Opt for Minimal Makeup:  Mascara and eyeliner can fall into your eyes while you snooze on your flight, causing potential irritation and infection.  I like to fly with just some under-eye concealer, brow filler and a pop of lip color, but nothing that will clog pores or bother my eyes.

Wear Spa Socks and Foot Cream:  At home, put a generous amount of foot repair cream or heavy ointment on balls and heels, then treat your feet to some spa socks which are made with olive oil, aloe and other nourishing oils.  Take your shoes off in-flight so the swelling doesn’t become painful.  Your feet will feel silky soft and ready to go.

Apply an Oxygenating Mask:  Upon arriving at your destination, do a quick 3-5 minute oxygenating mask.  Your face will feel instantly energized and your skin will look bright and glowy.  No one will ever know you just spent the last eight hours confined to an 18’’ airplane seat.

Happy Holidays & Happy Travels!
XOXO, Courtney

About Courtney:
Once, confined to a New York City cubicle, Courtney Scott dreamed of a life less regular. So in 2007, with a one-way ticket in hand, she quit her job and moved to Italy.  It was magical.  She started a travel blog and never looked back. Today, Courtney Scott is the Senior Editor for Travelocity, a TV host, a filmmaker, and a blogger.

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