Technology Must-Haves For Soccer Training and Conditioning
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Technology Must-Haves For Soccer Training and Conditioning

It’s almost time for soccer tryouts so kids all over are practicing dribbling, kicking and running to get in shape and ready to put on a stellar performance for their perspective coaches.

We have a few items that can really help with training.

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball
This is seriously a clever tool to really take your child’s game to the next level. The app uses your phone or tablet’s camera to actually track footwork with their ‘smart’ ball in real time. The ball doesn’t have any sensors (which we love) and is hand-stitched and made out of synthetic leather. The ball pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Just put your phone in the included stand and ‘show’ the ball to your phone and tada! The training begins. There are over 100 drills including juggling tips, shooting and ground work that are performed in soccer practices. You even get a grade after each workout which hopefully motivates your child to work even harder the next time!

Fitbit Alta HR
The Fitbit Alta is a fantastic training tool for young (and older) athletes. PurePulse tracks heart rate (without having to wear a chest strap) to optimize workouts and track calorie burn. The SmartTrack can detect what type of workout  – running, biking, etc. and logs it into the dashboard. Your child can also set up reminders to move if he/she has been sitting too long! Gotta love that. And your tween/teen will love the sleek, slender and stylish design and also the call and text notifications on the band display. This is definitely a winner!