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Michele Tafoya: A Woman Dominating in a Man’s World

ModernMom was honored and delighted to interview Michele Tafoya, one of the few successful female sports reporters. She’s interviewed everyone who is anyone in the sports arena – and she does it with ease and grace. We asked her about the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated field, and about how her career shifted when she became a mom. Read on for her inspiring and insightful comments: MM: You’ve had a lot of great reporting and announcing jobs. What has been your favorite thus far?

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7 Voluptuous Celebs Who Love to Flaunt Their Curves

Curvy celebs are helping to change current beauty ideals in Hollywood and in society. We love to see these women confidently flaunting their lady lumps in movies, on TV, in magazines and on red carpets. These women prove to us that celebs are real women and real women have curves. The common thread among these women is their unstoppable confidence. That’s the key to rocking these kinds of curves! Here are 8 gorgeous celebs that prove that curvy is always in style. 1. Christina Hendricks

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Low Sex Drive Symptoms

Known as libido, your sex drive can fluctuate over time. Men and women both experience times of heightened sexuality, as well as periods of decreased desire. A persistent reduction in your sex drive may indicate outside problems that affect your level of intimacy. The normal aging process may also cause a steady decline in libido. Knowing whether your symptoms indicate a low sex drive can help you and your husband find ways to address the problem. Ongoing sexual problems may require professional tests and methods of treatment.