3 mins read

How to Make Marriage Work After Separation

After a separation it may seem like your marriage will never be the same again. While this may be true, you can try to make the change positive instead of negative.It’s amazing how much you can shift within a relationship by simply shifting your own thoughts and behaviors.

3 mins read

Breast Cancer Steals Many Things, But Not Love

I lost a friend to breast cancer this week.  Sandee was a hardworking, kind, funny, sweet, bright light of a person who fought her cancer with everything she had. She refused to let it take over her life, saying with joy "See!  I told you I'd make it longer than a week!" when given a…

4 mins read

Quarantining With A Former Spouse

13 years ago, we were sitting outside of a Starbucks in Tampa, Florida with more questions than answer flooding our brains. Without any expectations or knowledge of what was going to happen, we both realized that it was time to end our marriage and clean up the mess we made. We amicably agreed to leave…