ModernMom’s Guidelines for Our Valued Content Contributors

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At Modern Mom, our core values revolve around leaving a positive impact on the world, treating others as we’d like to be treated, and serving as role models for our children, nurturing the next generation to become exceptional individuals. We welcome you as part of our valued and vibrant community of thoughtful, brilliant content creators.

The platform, which made its debut in 2009, was a groundbreaking concept for its era: offering a voice to a wide range of individuals, whether they were famous or entirely unknown, enabling them to share their moments and stories.

As mothers who share valuable insights with fellow moms, we believe in leading with open hearts and open minds. We hold the belief that if organizations and institutions worldwide operated more efficiently, if our leaders made sounder decisions, and if people collaborated more productively, the benefits would extend to all of us – from our kids and neighbors to the PTA, our families, and everyone touched by our paths.

Our mission is to uplift and empower our community, offering perspectives and timely information that fosters support and enthusiasm. We endeavor to help parents become more knowledgeable, creative, and courageous in both their personal and professional lives. To achieve this, we engage with leading experts from various fields and demographics, inviting them to generously share their wisdom, insights, and personal stories.

Modern Mom covers an extensive range of topics, spanning parenting, culinary delights, education, pregnancy, travel, shopping, finances, tech, entertainment, work-life balance, social media, and much more. We are as positive as we are curious! Our valued contributors cut through the jargon jungle with the precision of a grandma slicing a watermelon. They don’t sound like marketing bots; they sound like the coolest multitaskers in town, and they infuse their unique voice into their content. Our content varies in format, encompassing articles of different lengths, live-streamed interviews, graphics, podcasts, videos, and any other medium that allows us to effectively connect with our community.

Editorial Guidelines:

Can I discuss my own business?

  • We discourage references to your company’s business model, practices, products, research, events, etc.
  • Sharing personal insights, lessons learned, or real-life experiences can add depth and relatability to your piece. However, be cautious not to overly promote your business when discussing yourself. Generally, using “I” is preferred over “we.”
  • At, we avoid publishing articles that overtly promote a contributor’s product, even if not explicitly mentioned, or address issues solved by the contributor’s product. 
  • We seek high-level thought leadership and authenticity. We do not accept repurposed company research, such as white papers.
  • If your column appears to align with your company’s marketing materials, message, or strategy, it may or may not be suitable for publication. If, after reading your column, we feel it reads like a sales pitch, we will pass.
  • While your company will be mentioned and linked in your bio, please avoid mentioning the company within the story to prevent it from becoming overly self-promotional.

If you’d like to submit content for, please email us at (), and a member of our team will respond promptly.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Expertise: You don’t have to be well known to be a contributor, but you must know a lot about the subject you’re writing about.
  2. Evidence: It’s not enough to know your subject deeply — you have to prove it to the reader. Referring to supporting research is one good way to do this; describing relevant examples is another. If you have interesting data, please let us know.
  3. Originality: New ideas spark new perspectives. In ModernIn the Modern Mom life, there are so many fun day-to-day experiences that we’d love to learn from. If you’re writing about a well-worn topic, we’ll be looking for a unique story, perspective, or insight. We’ll also be looking at how well it builds on what we’ve already published and whether it might inform or delight the Modern Mom audience specifically.
  4. Usefulness: Modern Mom readers come to us not only to stay on top of new developments in parenting and trends, but also to change the way they and their families actually do things. They want to know what other Moms think and use this information to help them make more informed decisions. If you can explain your thinking so that the reader understands how to apply it in a real situation, that will make it more memorable and powerful.
  5. Writing that’s clever, smart, informative, and a pleasure to read: Modern Mom readers are smart and skeptical and so very busy. If you don’t capture their interest right away, they will move on to something else.

Across all these dimensions, we strive to publish content that aligns with our commitment to positivity, kindness, diversity, equity, and inclusion. That means we look for pieces that are representative of the diverse audiences we serve. We will prioritize content that depicts a broad array of examples and points of view and we will ensure that our content avoids stereotypes, bias, and language that “others” or diminishes non-dominant groups.

So, how do I get started?

  • Aim for a length of 300-800 words. If you’re a new contributor, kick things off with a concise two to three-paragraph abstract that outlines the main points of your piece. After our review, if we’re excited, we’ll request the full draft. 
  • Don’t forget to provide a headshot and a short bio (think one paragraph max). We’d love to give you credit! If you’d like, you can also include your Instagram, TikTok, X/Twitter handle, etc. or your company’s social handle for us to link to in the column.

Can I share my content elsewhere?

  • Yes, of course! We encourage all our contributors to spread the word! Share your post by linking to it on all your social media platforms, story it on Instagram, post it on X/Twitter, featuring an excerpt on LinkedIn, or mentioning it in internal or external company emails.
  • When sharing your column, please use only a brief excerpt and provide a link to the original article on Avoid copying and pasting the entire column elsewhere.
  • Your column should be exclusive to ModernMom. We kindly request that authors refrain from writing the same topic columns for other publications for one month before and after their piece is published on ModernMom.
  • You’re welcome to republish posts on your company or personal blogs one week after they’ve been published on ModernMom, but please refrain from doing so on other publications.

What you need to know

We receive many more submissions than we can publish, and we often have to say no to good proposals due to limitations of space and time or because they’re not unique or organic enough from other pieces we have published. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, it can take several weeks for us to review an unsolicited proposal. If we’ve passed on something you’ve submitted, please feel free to try again with another idea. If our editors have said no multiple times, it may mean your work isn’t a good fit for our audience.

Our editorial process is more thorough than many other publishers’, and you may be asked to tweak or provide revisions. Contributors frequently tell us that they appreciate the extra care and attention their work receives.

We retain final decision rights over headlines and content. Our editors have spent years learning which kinds of headlines give Modern Mom pieces the best chance of being read, found online, and shared both on social media and in offices around the world. If we rewrite your title or parts of your post, it’s because we believe the revised version will help your idea reach the audience it deserves.

We strive for authenticity in our articles and your work should be original. We don’t publish pieces that have appeared elsewhere, that don’t properly credit the ideas they present, that come across as promotional, or that do not include rigorous citations (though these may not appear in the finished piece). We ask our authors to disclose any financial relationships they have with companies cited in the proposed article. We will ask you to sign a copyright form before we publish your final piece, but authors continue to own the underlying ideas in their articles.

On the use of generative AI, we understand our contributors may want to use these tools to research story ideas and examples. We ask authors to share whether and how they’ve used these tools with their editor. And importantly, our authors are accountable for the accuracy, integrity, and originality of their content.

We try to evaluate ideas before we determine where and how to publish them. We will consider submissions that contain only a short pitch, and we can help determine whether the idea should become a digital article, live stream show, podcast episode, graphic, video, or another format. 

Idea Inspiration: What to write about?

  1. Write about what you know: While you don’t need to be well-known, it’s important to possess in-depth knowledge of the subject you’re writing about.
  2. Tell us why, how, who, when, what: Please be well-versed in your topic and substantiate your claims for the reader. This is a requirement of all submissions.This can be accomplished by referencing supporting research or providing relevant examples. If you possess data, please share it.
  3. Organically Original: Fresh ideas bring new perspectives. In the realm of Modern Mom life, there are countless day-to-day experiences worth sharing. If you’re tackling a popular topic, we are looking for a unique narrative, viewpoint, or insight. We also assess how well your content complements our existing publications and whether it resonates with the Modern Mom audience.
  4. Oh, I gotta save this!!: Our readers turn to us not only to stay informed about parenting developments and trends but also to transform their own and their families’ lives. They seek insights from fellow Moms to make more informed decisions. Clarifying your thought process, so readers grasp how to apply it in real-life situations, enhances the memorability and impact of your content.
  5. Engaging, Smart, Informative Writing: Our readers are intelligent, discerning, and exceptionally busy. To capture their interest, your content must be captivating, insightful, and a pleasure to read. If you don’t engage them right away, they’ll move on to something else. 

Across all these dimensions, we prioritize content that aligns with our commitment to positivity, kindness, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This means seeking pieces that represent the diverse audiences we serve. We place importance on content that portrays a wide range of examples and perspectives while ensuring it steers clear of stereotypes, bias, or language that marginalizes non-dominant groups.

How we roll:

You’ve guessed it! Our email box is jamming! We receive tons of submissions, and sadly, we cannot accommodate all proposals due to limitations of space and time (go figure!) or if the content just lacks uniqueness compared to our existing content. Given our submission volume, it may take some time (give us days/weeks) for us to review unsolicited proposals or content. If we have declined one of your ideas, please don’t hesitate to propose another idea. 

Our editorial process is pretty comprehensive, and you may be asked to revise or make adjustments. We care about your work and your success. 

Regarding headlines and content, we retain the final decision rights. Our editors have honed their skills over the years to determine which headlines optimize the chances of Modern Mom pieces being read and shared. If we modify your title or portions of your post, it’s because we believe the revised version will better connect your idea with its deserving audience.

Authenticity is paramount in our articles, and we require original work. We do not publish content that has been previously featured elsewhere, fails to credit its ideas properly, appears promotional, or lacks rigorous citations (although these may not be visible in the final piece). We request our authors to disclose any and all financial affiliations with companies mentioned in their proposed articles. Transparency is your friend. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright form before publication, but they will still retain ownership of the core ideas presented in their articles.

Regarding the use of generative AI tools, we understand that contributors may employ these tools for research. We ask authors to inform their editor whether and how they’ve utilized these tools. Importantly, our authors bear responsibility for the accuracy, integrity, and originality of their content.

We love to collaborate and endeavor to evaluate ideas before deciding where and how to publish them. Submissions that consist solely of a brief pitch are welcome, and we can collaborate on determining the ideal format, whether it be a digital article, live stream show, podcast episode, graphic, video, or another medium.

Guidelines for Navigating the Modern Mom Submission Process

At, we delve into a wide spectrum of parenting and lifestyle subjects, encompassing both the latest trends and timeless wisdom. From cutting-edge research findings to practical advice and insightful blogs on current family dynamics or trending content, our content is diverse and dynamic.

To streamline our collaborative process, we recommend initiating your submission journey with a brief pitch. This initial step enables us to provide you with preliminary feedback, ensuring that your concept aligns with our editorial vision. However, please bear in mind that we will ask for a complete draft to officially accept your submission, regardless of whether you’ve contributed to us previously. 

We are so grateful for your interest in collaborating with us. We can’t wait to learn more about the ideas you’re looking to share. 

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