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7 Baby Monitors Tested and Reviewed For The New Mom

As a a first time mom, there can be a lot of things that scare you. (Read: my story.) As soon as your baby is born, you come to the overwhelming realization that it's your sole responsibility to keep make sure baby thrives. This means feeding baby, changing baby, making sure baby naps and generally just keep an eye…

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800,000 Baby Video Monitor Batteries Recalled

Uh oh! Summer Infant has recalled more than 800,000 rechargeable batteries used in baby video monitors because of a burn hazard.According to theConsumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the batteries can overheat and rupture, potentially burning users.So far, Summer Infant has received 22 reports of overheating – including several incidents of smoke and minor property damage.Here’s what parents need to know:1. The products affected by the recall are the batteries …

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Popular Baby Monitors Recalled After Two Deaths

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare – the monitor you rely on to keep your baby safe turns out to pose a dangerous strangulation hazard to little ones.Angelcare Monitors Inc. has voluntarily recalled 600,000 baby monitors after two infants died of strangulation caused by the cord attached to the monitors sensor pad.In one case, a 13-month-old girl died in San Diego in November 2011; in the other case, an 8-month-old girl …

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Baby Monitor Recall Due to 2 Deaths

Approximately 2 million Summer Infant video baby monitors were recalled after being linked to the deaths of two infants. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that the electrical cords from these monitors can be hazardous if placed too close to babies cribs.