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A Mother’s Love Makes a Miracle

Ava Kaufman, a former professional dancer, seemed to have the perfect life. She married a football hero, adopted her daughter Jade, and built a series of successful moving companies in Beverly Hills. Originally from New York, Ava dreamed of moving to Los Angeles to become a star. She became a professional back-up dancer and danced around the world with many music artists, including Gloria Gaynor.

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Turn Your Child’s Art Into a Beautiful Memory Book

My eldest daughter is now in Kindergarten and the preschool days are behind her. Sniff, sniff. I kept every scribble, every restaurant coloring place mat, every Froot Loop necklace in a box. A BIG box. I love her art! I celebrate her art! Someday I’ll have to give that giant box to her, plus another 10, full of elementary school art. And then there is the awkward junior high art… and those boxes will most likely sit in her garage until she has to tearfully throw them all away because she’s moving to an apartment in New York. SO sad.

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At What Week of Pregnancy Can You Tell if it’s a Girl or Boy?

Many expectant parents are excited to find out whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl. While some enjoy the surprise of finding out their baby’s sex at birth, others are anxious to find out their baby’s gender as early as possible. There are many old wives’ tales that are quick to offer a prediction of your baby’s sex, but with today’s scientific advancements there are many accurate ways to determine your baby’s sex as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.