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Games for Family Gatherings

Family gatherings can be loads of fun for everyone. If it’s been a long time since the last gathering, family members will appreciate the opportunity to catch up on the latest family news. But even if the latest gathering was more recent, another gathering allows family members to strengthen the family bonds by spending more time with each other. Games can play a large role in these gatherings and help to strengthen those bonds.

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Educational Halloween Games

In addition to providing loads of fun, Halloween provides lots of opportunities for learning. From sorting Halloween candy by color, to playing Halloween-themed bingo, many Halloween-themed educational games can reinforce math, grammar and spelling skills. Since most children enjoy Halloween, playing educational Halloween-themed games can make learning fun.

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Activities & Games for Kids

Whether you are planning curriculum for the classroom, the itinerary for a party or how to pass the time on a rainy afternoon, games and activities make the difference. Kids’ games do more than teach skills. They help build community, reach children with diverse learning styles and encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship. Before planning children’s games and activities, take into account the group size, the facilities and the age range of the intended participants. All of these will help you make the best decision in picking the right games!

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Birthday Party Games for Kids Ages 5 to 8

Birthday parties for young children create anticipation weeks beforehand, so party games should live up to kids expectations. In addition to providing fun, games are an important part of a birthday celebration because they keep kids occupied until its time to blow out the candles and slice the cake. Kids from 5 to 8 years old are old enough to take part in competitive activities and young enough to be willing to try new ones.