Bare Minerals vs. Avon Mineral Makeup
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Bare Minerals vs. Avon Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers a quick and easy foundation option for busy moms. The best-known mineral foundation, Bare Minerals, is available online, via infomercials and at some cosmetic counters, but can be expensive. Your local Avon representative offers a less expensive alternative that may work for your complexion.


Both Bare Minerals and Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation rely upon natural minerals to provide coverage and smooth your complexion. Bare Minerals is available in a powder formulation, while Avon Smooth Minerals comes in a mineral powder foundation, a pressed powder compact and a liquid formula. Choose from a luminous or matte finish if you opt for Bare Minerals. Avon’s Smooth Minerals products all come in a “soft, radiant” finish.


Loose powder mineral foundations can be applied for light, sheer coverage or heavier, more complete coverage. Dip a large, soft brush into powder mineral foundation. Tap the brush to remove excess foundation, then swirl the powder into your skin. Liquid mineral foundation, like Avon’s Smooth Minerals, can be applied with your fingers or a cosmetic sponge. The pressed powder version requires a cosmetic sponge or puff and works well for makeup touch-ups.


Both Avon and Bare Minerals offer a variety of mineral cosmetics other than foundation. All Bare Minerals products, including eye shadows and lip colors, are mineral based. Avon’s Smooth Minerals makeup line includes eye shadows and liners, lipstick, lip gloss and lip tint, as well as blush. Avon offers a complete eye kit, but most products are sold individually. Bare Minerals products can be purchased on their own or in kits designed to create a specific look or packaged for your skin tone.


Bare Minerals foundation is available in 20 different shades, ranging from fair to deep. Create a match for your skin with tones ranging from warm to cool. Avon’s shade range in both the liquid, loose powder and pressed powder foundations is much narrower, with only 10 different shades available, without tonal variations. The loose powder foundations can be mixed to make a custom foundation color if you prefer.


Foundation and mineral makeup formulations vary. If you like the color and coverage of both Bare Minerals and Avon mineral foundation, price can be a significant difference between the two product lines. Avon’s products range in price from $5 to $12 at, while Bare Minerals products start at $13 and may be as much as $89, according to

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