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How Long Can I Leave False Eyelashes On? How long do they stay on?

False eyelashes emphasize your eyes, adding drama and style to day or evening looks. Depending upon the lashes you choose, you can add just a bit of length and fullness, or long, lush lashes. While individual eyelashes and eyelash strips are easy to apply, they are a short-term solution. For longer wear, consider eyelash extensions instead of fake eyelashes.

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Eyeglasses for Kids

Finding cute, practical glasses for your child can be a challenge. Many people get their first pair of glasses while they’re still quite young. Depending upon your child’s age, fashion, durability and comfort should all factor into your decision. Involve your child in the choice for increased cooperation and willingness to wear her glasses.

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The Best Makeup Concealer for Melasma

When you’re pregnant, your baby gets his nutrition from you and his blood from you and, in some cases, he’s gets his cuteness from you too. But along with your little bundle of joy can come a skin condition called melasma. Melasma is common during pregnancy and causes patches of brown or gray-brown skin on the cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and upper lip. It can also be caused by medications, sun exposure, or other factors. If you are comfortable with your new skin, kudos! There are medical options to face the darkness, but otherwise, you can choose to cover the spots with makeup. Whatever your choices, here is a little cursory information to start your research!

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Behavioral Problems in Teenagers

Parenting teens is difficult work even when your kids have only minor behavioral problems. Nearly every teen has challenging moments, whether it’s as simple a problem as missing a curfew or as potentially serious as drug or alcohol abuse. With a bit of luck and some understanding, you can see your teen through these years with both your sanity and your relationship intact.