3 mins read

How To Stage Your Brand From The Comfort Of Your Home

I thought our level of privacy had totally gone out the window pre-Corona virus, but now, our entire world is exposed as we try to "carry on with business as usual" from the comfort of our homes, in our pajamas. Our home is now where we spend ALL OF OUR TIME, where we conduct our…

5 mins read

How to Create a Stunning Photo or Artwork Wall

The gallery wall is one of the most creative and fun home design elements of 2016 that’s carried into 2017. Basically, this design feature is an aesthetically pleasing assembly of photos and artwork that takes up a large portion of your wall, usually in a hallway or in the main living area. It’s a great…

4 mins read

Ideas for Decorating a Toddler Girl’s Bedroom

Decorate your toddler’s bedroom with colors, a theme and furniture that’s suitable for her now and that can grow with her as time goes on. Updating her nursery into a “big girl’s room” that fits her personality will last longer than the nursery you designed for her. Ask her for input on her bedroom decor, if possible.