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Six Ways To Celebrate Major Events And Socially Distance

In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with family and friends and celebrate the happy things in life. Here are some suggestions for virtually celebrating Mother’s Day, birthdays, and graduation! Mother’s Day Crafts While you might not be able to make it out to your…

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Were You Born on Leap Day? Learn All About “Leaplings!”

Imagine celebrating your Sweet Sixteen at the age of 64? Or having to use a fake birthday for online forms because the computer won’t accept your actual day of birth? This is the reality for many people born on February 29 – a date that comes along only once every four years. Called “leapers” or “leaplings,” these are individuals who were born on the extra day in February that happens in a leap year.

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Birthday Party Ideas for a 2-Year-Old Girl

Celebrate your 2-year-old daughter’s birthday with a theme and activities that she enjoys. Your little girl won’t likely remember this celebration, although she should be able to enjoy her second birthday party much more than she did her first. Incorporate some of her favorite things into the party to make it a special day for her.

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1st Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

First birthday parties are all about the parents celebrating their baby’s milestone birthday with friends and family. Decorate the party area in a way that conveys the importance of this event in your life. The decorations will live forever through the pictures and videos you take during the big day.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Age 5

When your child turns 5-years-old, it is an exciting time for both a child and her parents. This is the age when most children begin school and learn to read and write. Suddenly, the child who was once a toddler is a big kid, with big kid abilities and responsibilities. Celebrate your child’s entrance into the big kid world by throwing her a birthday bash she will always remember.