How to Recognize and Overcome Fear
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How to Recognize and Overcome Fear

What kind of an impact does fear have on our lives? Have you ever wondered what roll fear has played in drawing negativity or problems into your life? All the world is energy, and we are constantly creating or miscreating our lives depending on whether we are acting out of love or fear.

For many of us fear is a part of our daily lives. We’re so used to dealing with fear that it almost seems normal. Recognizing our fear as a problem is extremely important in correcting it.

In this video I talk about confronting fear in order to create the lives we want. This is one of the first lessons I have received from the book A Course in Miracles.



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Please share your thoughts in the comments below. What fears do you face in your life? Have you considered taking ownership of your fear? Do you work towards correcting fear or do you co-exist with it?

Your story heals. I appreciate you sharing.

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Wendy Irene


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