The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever
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The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

They say it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes it can be hard to see past a truly terrible gift.

Come February 14th, there’s a ton of pressure on men to get just the right thing for the lucky lady in their life.

While they might not be the most creative choices – flowers and chocolates are usually a safe bet (unless your special someone is allergic to flowers and/or chocolate).

And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry. What can we say, women are suckers for anything sparkly!

But for all the men who get Valentine’s Day right, there are always a few horror stories.

From hubcaps to hot dogs, here are a few of the worst gifts that ModernMom readers have received:

  • “I got a set of cheap hubcaps for my van. #VDayFail” – @StorkNet
  • “An unsigned Valentine’s card from an ex-boyfriend. Just a card, nothing written by him in it. Not even his name.” – Kathleen
  • “One year, my then-boyfriend’s BOSS bought me a dozen roses because he felt bad that my boyfriend wasn’t going to get me anything.” – Jamie
  • “Dinner at a fast food restaurant. And he conveniently forgot his wallet.” – Denise
  • “A coupon to an all you can eat seafood buffet. (I’m allergic to shellfish.)” – Tiara
  • “A dozen roses, a box of chocolates and break-up letter.” – Schelene

Need some more general guidelines?


1. A gift card

WAY too impersonal. This just shows that your man didn’t put much thought into looking for a gift.

2. Fake flowers

Yes, flowers are super expensive on Valentine’s Day. We get that. But, we’d rather get no flowers than fake flowers.

3. Sugar-free or reduced-calorie candy

Nothing says “I’d love you more if you weighed less” quite like an artificially sweetened treat.

4. Facebook Gift

Cute on random days during the year, but a virtual gift for V-day? No thank you!

5. Gym membership

Even if we’ve been saying that we need to join a gym finally, this is not an acceptable gift. What are you trying to say, anyway? Nothing good can come out of this.


1. Stuffed Animals

Most guys don’t appreciate stuffed animals, no matter how cute and cuddly. They would much rather cuddle with you.

2. Scented Candles

Again, scented candles is a good gift for a girl. Not so much for a guy, no matter how in touch with his feminine side he is.

3. Gag gifts

Getting him padded underwear because you always make fun of his cute, but flat, behind. Getting him “refreshing head wipes” because he’s bald. Yes, these do exist and no, they wouldn’t make good gifts for V-Day or any one day, for that matter!

4. Matching PJ’s

No matter how much we like the idea of it, men just don’t like to coordinate their outfits with us…even for bed!

5. Self-Help Books

Something entitled, “Real Men Don’t Lay on the Couch All Day” (a real book!) is not the right gift…ever.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day?

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