Makeup Tips for Revitalizing Tired Eyes


No matter what their color or shape, your eyes are one of the most important areas of your face. It makes sense, then, to highlight and complement the area with eye shadow. There are several ways to do this with colors you probably already have in your makeup bag. Any extra supplies can be bought at a department store or beauty supply store.

Brighten the Eyes

Giving your eyes a little pep can be done in just seconds with white shadow or white eyeliner. Naturally healthy eyes are lighter in certain areas, such as the inner corner of the eye. On a healthy eye, this area is a whitish color. To achieve this affect, put a swipe of white right in the corner of your eye by your tear duct. Put another swipe right under your brown bone to make your eyes seem more open.

Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles are the most obvious sign of tired eyes. According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, use a concealer that has yellow or peach tones to it. Blue tones highlight the blue in the circles. Put a drop on your finger and dab it onto the circles under your eyes. Don’t rub. Apply your foundation on top of the concealer.

Even Out the Tone

When applying your foundation, apply it to the upper and bottom eye lid, as well. This evens out your skin tone and brightens the eye. Make sure you have your eyes closed when you apply the foundation to avoid makeup contaminating the eyeball.

Downplay Black Circles

Just like blue-toned concealer can make your dark circles look worse, so can your eye shadow and liner choices. Keep away from shadows that contain blue hues or blue mixtures like periwinkle, lavender, purple, navy or plum. Using these blue shades can give you raccoon eyes and make your circles look even darker.

Use Color

Ever heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it”? It applies to makeup techniques, too. To make your eyes look happy and well rested, fake it by using happy colors on your lids. Sunny yellows, grassy greens and spring-like pastels can give you a light-catching boost to the eye area.

Keep it Light

The last thing tired eyes need is something to weigh them down. Heavy makeup applications do just that. So, skip the eyeliner, triple coat of mascara and three layers of shadow.



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