Easter Games for Kids


On Easter Sunday, many families attend church services together and then retreat to a family member’s home to enjoy a hot meal and continue their Easter celebration. During these gatherings, families plan games and activities to get children in the Easter holiday spirit and teach them about the holiday.

What Is Easter?

Easter is regarded as a religious celebration among Christians. Christians believe that Jesus died on Good Friday and on Sunday he rose from the dead and joined God in heaven. Religious teachings also say that Jesus went to heaven so that other Christians may go to heaven when they die. This concept can be difficult to explain to children, keep your explanation simple but honest.

Easter Games

Set up an Easter egg hunt, indoors, outdoors or in multiple areas. Hide eggs, and give children a designated amount of time to gather as many eggs as they can. Place money inside of special “golden” eggs to offer children a special prize. The child who collects the most eggs wins the game. Keep kids on their toes with an egg race. Let children play this game outside to ensure that they have enough space to move around. Give each child a hard-boiled egg and a tablespoon. Instruct children to extent their arms forward while balancing their eggs on the spoons. Once the kids are in position, select a leader, who will guide the children around the backyard, going fast and then slow. Apples 4 the Teacher, an online resource for teachers, notes that the leader can guide the children anywhere, but if a participant stops moving or drops his egg, he’s out of the game. The last child following the leader wins the game. Have children write the words “Have a Happy Easter” across the top of a blank sheet of paper. Ask kids to come up with as many words as they can using the letters in those words..

Easter Games Teach Lessons

Easter games can help keeps entertained during a family dinner but can also teach children valuable lessons about the Easter holiday. Game can teach children how to work together to accomplish a task, believe in themselves and challenge themselves to complete tasks.

Consider Prizes

Consider purchasing prizes to distribute to children who win the Easter games you organize. Easter-related prizes can include dyed eggs, assorted candy and plastic eggs with trinkets insides. Give each child a small Easter basket, filled with fake grass, and let them use the baskets to collect prizes they win.

Be Respectful of Other Religions

Although friends and family may gather for food, games and celebration on Easter Sunday, keep in mind that not all attendees will share the same beliefs. As you plan games, select ones that don’t compromise the values and beliefs of other religions represented during your holiday festivities.



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